Why should anyone buy my art?

To be a successful full-time artist, I must figure this out!  I have talented competition all around me — and making this bold career change later in life puts me at a disadvantage.  I’ve taken workshops for years but rarely had an opportunity to emerge myself in creativity — until now.  It’s pure joy, of course — creating the art.  Its great for my soul, but the pocketbook suffers.  

I often listen to podcasts while painting.  One of my favorite podcasts, “Creative Pep Talk” inspired me to look up Bain and Company’s “30 Elements of Value” and think about how my work creates value for customers.

After surveying more than 10,000 consumers and 75 consumer brands, Bain found that brands who deliver more than four of the 30 elements experience higher growth in three important areas:  revenue, market penetration and repurchase rate.  Sign me up!

Over the next 30 days, I will look at each of the 30 elements and evaluate whether there is a link between my art and each value.  At the end of this analysis, I will determine which of the 30 elements of value apply directly to my brand.  This will allow me to create a communication plan around those elements and see how much traction I'll make.

I'd love for other creatives to come along this journey with me and chime in!  Artist are notoriously shy when it comes to marketing and this may be a way for us to figure out how to make our art shine without turning into used car salesmen.

We’ll make this work yet!

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